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LLOYD MIFFLIN's 'summer' home was Norwood, less than 2 miles from his townhome at Second and Walnut Streets. Imagine how secluded it was around 1900.

Surely, that rattan rocker was his chair. On the blanket is an open book. Who sat beside him? And, as there are two other chairs on the porch, it didn't meet his preference for being further into the nature Norwood allowed. Was he sitting there reading and suddenly thought, "Hmm, I should get my camera and record this moment."? Mind you, cameras weren't particularly portable and they required a clumsy tripod. Old photos tease us with their hints of past moments. They can tease me all they like. I'll make up my own realities when there's such a helpful starting point pulling me in.

Note the statuary and urns bracketing the front of the house in the second image. Someone was tidying up the grounds by burning brush.

Then, in his waning years, Lloyd sits peacefully with a dog in his lap and a bed set up in the background when Lloyd feels a nap coming on.

Pennsylvania State Archives

Pennsylvania State Archives

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