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The Lloyd Mifflin Society is intended as a tribute to those creative souls who had a powerful and meaningful connection to Columbia, Pennsylvania. Their creative disciplines were as varied as their lives. Not all were born in Columbia, nor did they all die in Columbia. But, each held a connection. This 'society' is not an official organization, nor does it represent itself as an authority on those you'll read about here. Facts are elusive and contradictory, like much of history. As research uncovers new or refined information, content will change to reflect those discoveries. The 'society' does not carry the 501(c)(3) distinction.  The efforts to research and assemble information herein is a labor of love not a means for income. No one is paid. All costs are out of pocket with some help from some caring friends. 


We are always pleased to hear from those who follow this site. If you have a question, we will do our best to answer it.

If you simply wish to offer a word of support or suggest a change, either gesture is welcomed.


Jerry King Musser, 15 September 2023 

Thanks for getting in touch.

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