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1929 Reprint: Norwood

Updated: Jun 20

This article originally appeared in the Lancaster Sunday News, 24 January 1929.

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Home Will Be Maintained As Shrine to the Greatest Sonnet Writer of His Day —

Will Be Permanent Home for Retired Teachers From All Parts of State

Columbia, Jan. 26—Lloyd Mifflin, the world's greatest sonneteer, and nationally known artist and poet, will have his memory revered and perpetuated in a lasting memorial and one that will be heralded throughout the state as a magnificent gift. Announcement was made Saturday that Dr. Houston Miffin, only surviving brother of the late artist, had tendered to the Pennsylvania State Teachers' Association a property which will perpetuate the name of his illustrious brother.

The Mifflin homestead is Norwood, about a mile distant from Columbia. It is a beautiful location and a site that has been the admiration all who seen it or have known it for years.

At a recent meeting of the School Board Prof. Paul W. Witmeyer, superintendent of the Schools, stated that Dr. Houston Mifflin had tendered to the Columbia School District the Mifflin home at Norwood, for the establishment of a permanent home for retired teachers of the public schools of Columbia and Norwood.

Carries Endowment

This offer carried with it an endowment of $10,000 for the maintenance. Prof. Witmeyer suggested at the time that the offer be transferred to the State Teachers Associaton to which Dr. Mifflin agreed.

The offer was made to perpetuate the memory of the distinguished brother of the donor and is to be known as the "Lloyd Mifflin Memorial Home." The proposition was presented to the Pennsylvania State Teachers' Association and was accepted. A conference was held last Thursday when Dr. Mifflin, his attorney, J. E. Senif, Esq., Roy K. Garber, president of the Central National Bank, and Prof. Witmeyer drove to Harrisburg and conferred with officials of the State Association.

Worth $75,000

The offer carries with it the Norwood House, the house of Lloyd Mifflin, Cloverton, which adjoins, a house of seventeen rooms, a tenant house, and 26 and a half acres of land. On this are located trees said to be more than 200 years old. Works of the noted artist, paintings, and a portion of his library are included in the gift, which from a momentary standpoint will be more than $75,000.

Arrangements are now in progress for the transfer of the property and it is possible that additional land may be purchased. More than 6,000 teachers are in the State, and many retire each year. Here will be a home with all comforts for them through the liberallty of Dr. Houston Mifflin, as a memorial to his brother.

The late Lloyd Mifflin is known as one of the world's greatest sonneteers. He was also an artist and a poet. HIs works and sonnets have brought forth the highest praise of writers in the United States and Europe. His paintings are works of art. His poems have won national renown. The establishment of this home at Norwood where he did so much of his work will be a tribute and a lasting memorial to a great Columbian and the son of a Columbian, Dr. John Houston Miftlin, artist and philanthropist.

The Mifflins are descendants of the first settlers of Columbia. It is only right that the Mifflin name should be perpetuated. The only surviving son, Dr. Houston Mifflin, the donor, is one of Columbia's most prominent citizens, interested in the welfare and development of his boro, and advocate and strong follower of the Boy Scout movement, being a member of the Court of Honor, and a loyal and devoted citizen of Columbia, the home of his birth.

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Lloyd's beloved Norwood. The chair on the right shows where he left a blanket and book to take this photo. Courtesy: Pennsylvania State Archives.

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