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  • Jerry King Musser

Most Truly Yours

We came across a letter Lloyd Mifflin wrote to Lancaster author, William Riddle—a short letter, but when Lloyd exposes his choice of words 112 years later, we learn a tiny bit more about him. In this correspondence, he mentions the author's likeness (shown) and references a Reynolds painting (also included here). An attempt was made to transcribe the contents. We believe he writes:

- - -

“Norwood” Jan’y 25, 1911

William Riddle, Esq.

My dear sir –

In “Cherished Memories of Old Lancaster” which you send me, you have recorded a wealth of recollections which has, at the present day, a peculiar interest for those who live in this county, and which will appeal even more strongly to your readers of the future — for Readers you will have.

To be frank, I feel that some of the photographs of a certain type of humanity might have been omitted with advantage, yet I am most glad to see many of the others, in the Book, of places and of people, particularly the proud and handsome face of the Author at 17, and the altogether charming picture of the little Mennonite Maid with the cherries, which, from an artistic standpoint, is worthy to be placed by the side of Sir Joshua Reynolds’ celebrated “ Strawberry Girl” with her basket of berries, and I am not sure but that our little girl is the sweeter, — his the more elfin.

I thank you most sincerely for remembering me so handsomely, and beg you & believe me…

most truly yours,

Lloyd Mifflin

Columbia, Pa

- - -

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