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Kauffman Books & Scripts

Reginald Wright Kauffman was a prolific writer. Some have said that he has written upwards of 90 books. That estimate may include chapbooks, dissertations, and translations. To this point, we have been able to account for the list below. As more is learned, titles will be added or adjusted.

Considering the elusive period, his stint in Hollywood is even more challenging to record his output. Often writers came late to a project or were simply dismissed for their efforts and not credited. Below is what is reasonably determined to be his film writing—some based on his books.


Jarvis of Harvard (1901)

The Things That Are Caesar's (1902)

The Chasm (1903)

Miss Frances Baird, Detective (1906)

The Bachelor's Guide to Matrimony (1907)

The Book of Friendship (1909)

The Book of Cheer (1909)

The Book of Love (1909)

The Book of Gratitude: A Little Manual of Remembrance (1909)

What is Socialism? (1910)

My Heart and Stephanie (1910)

The House of Bondage (1910)

Garotte (1911) poetry

The Way of Peace (1911)

The Sentence of Silence (1912)

Daughters of Ishmael (1912)

The Latter Day Saints (1912)

The Spider's Web (1913)

Running Sands (1913)

The Girl That Goes Wrong (1913)

ORJALASSA (Finnish translation of Kauffman’s ‘The House of Bondage’) (1913)

Jim (1914)

Little Old Belgium (1914)

In a Moment of Time: Things Seen on the Bread-Line of Belgium (1915)

The Mark of the Beast (1916)

The Silver Spoon (1916)

The Recruit (1917) poetry

The Ancient Quest, and Other Poems in Brown (1917)

Our Navy at Work (1918)

The Azure Rose (1919)

Victorious: A Novel (1919)

Jack and the Beanstalk: A Ballad Arrangement for Young Children (1922)

Jarvis (1923)

Money to Burn: An Adventure Story (1924)

The Ranger of the Susquehannock (1924)

The Free Lovers (1925)

Share and Share Alike (1925)

Spanish Dollars (1925)

The Blood of Kings: A Hopeful Romance (1926)

Seventy-six! (1926)

Blind Man (1927)

The Dark House in Florissant (1927)

A Man of Little Faith (1927)

The Overland Trail (1927)

Mad Anthony’s Drummer (1929)

Jim Trent (1929)

Beg Pardon, Sir! (1929)

Love De Luxe (1929)

Barbary Bo: A Story of the Barbary Pirate (1929)

Pirate Jean (1930)

Front Porch (1933)

Jesse Isidor Straus: A Biographical Portrait (1973; posthumous)

The Auto Rubaiyat (2019; posthumous)

Puss-in-Boots: A Ballad Arrangement for Children (2019; posthumous)

Updated 10 September 2023


The House of Bondage (1914), novel

Graft (1915), story

Kernel Nutt Wins a Wife (1916), scenario

The Ivy and the Oak (1916), short story

Share and Share Alike (1925), story

Money to Burn (1926), novel

In the First Degree (1927), story

Midnight Life (1928), novel, original story

School for Girls (1934), story

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